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Without proper measurement, even the most creative and elaborate marketing campaigns would not be able to achieve significant success. Website analytics are used to track the performance of online elements; they provide metrics to let small business owners gauge the effectiveness of their internet marketing and advertising efforts.

Website Analytics Services In San Diego

  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

    Google Analytics is the industry leader for web-based analytics and it gives you key customer insights. Based on the goals of your campaign, our team will integrate Google Analytics to track performance and results. We will implement Google Search Console and monitor it to improve your overall search engine optimization strategy.

  • Google Tag Manager

    The advent of GTM has allowed analytics professionals to do their job without needing to hardcode every new tracking change, event or goal into the website. It simplifies the process and effectively takes the web developer out of the process once the snippets have been applied. By using a click listener we are able to track a wide range of action taken by visitors without coding on the site.

  • Call Tracking Analytics

    In most cases having one single phone number won’t allow you to really understand the performance of your campaigns. By using call tracking phone numbers and call tracking analytics, we can measure performance and even listen to calls for internal training. Our team will help you gain better insight into your marketing campaign performance and increase your ROI.

  • Heat Mapping and A/B Testing Analytics

    Heat mapping and A/B testing analytics allow your business to monitor the actions of your website visitors and implement improvements to your campaigns. Our team will do the planning and implementation, and report the performance directly to you. We will make it easy to understand your web visitors.

  • Social Media Analytics and Metrics

    Social media metrics are tracked on a per channel basis, which means logging into every social media channel you use for your business is redundant. Our team uses special analytics software to aggregate this data into one central location. This makes reporting and monitoring performance simple.

Benefits of Website Analytics

The process of analytics gathering starts with a tracking code inserted into a website or of a single web page. The metrics are viewed through a series of reports that filter data and present insights about page visitors, where they are coming from, what they do on the site, and what prompted them to visit in the first place.

While a basic analytics setup offers actionable information for marketers and decision makers, a proper advanced setup can give a full view into the effectiveness of a page visit at a granular level.

Real-Time Traffic and User Monitoring

Modern analytics for your website are reported by means of tracking tools that let business owners see how many visitors are on their site at a given time or how many have visited in the last 30 minutes. This real-time factor is essential in understanding the types of content marketing and ppc advertising that resonates with audiences.

Competitive Inteligence

Through the use of sophisticated software, it is now possible to learn how competing businesses and websites are doing in terms of traffic, ad budgets and what their “digital market share” or “share of voice” is. This is very important in terms of staying competitive within an industry or market segment.  The ability to monitor users decisions can be very useful in enterprise campaigns.  Our San Diego digital agency specializes in helping you outsmart the competition.

Key Performance Metrics

Most business owners are accustomed to measuring their operations and performance numerically. Website analytics can let business owners and brand managers set clear goals and envision how much they need to improve.

Market Data

Knowing where website traffic is coming from can be a valuable insight that can shape the way a company should operate.  This information can validate a SEO strategy and help your marketing team to navigate successful campaigns in the future.

Weakness Analysis

Bounce rate and exit URLs can provide insight about website elements that are not working as intended. The idea is to not only address these weaknesses but to also turn them into a strength.

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