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Customer Testimonials

  • "Working with Kevin and TLD Agency has enabled our company to grow revenues and profits and even helped us to maintain an effective strategy.  We were so happy with the service and results that we now use them for all our SEO and search marketing needs from migrations to ongoing strategies."

    Chris Chase
    Chris Chase Chase Design
  • "When we planned our new site launch we were nervous about losing rankings and traffic.  TLD Agency laid out a thorough plan that included site architecture, complete redirects, an SEO migration, Technical optimization of the site, advanced google tag manager optimization and now we use them for all of our content and digital marketing needs.  Service and effectiveness have made us very happy clients"

    Stephanie S.
    Stephanie S. Nelson Jobs
  • "We started working with TLD agency about 2 years ago and have seen our organic traffic skyrocket.  In our industry, content needs to be of the highest quality to complete and strategies need to be 100% white hat.  The increases in organic traffic have allowed us to lessen our dependency on paid search and created a whole new revenue stream.  The creative strategies that they have rolled out for our site are low risk and really work!"

    Bob Weiss
    Bob Weiss Leading Dentist
  • "Dealing with a migration of a site with over 2,000 blog posts and pages meant we needed a SEO agency that could scale services and work smarter.  Kevin, Mike and Thomas and TLD agency ensured that we retained or improved all of our rankings after launch and saw through a quality assurance process that has brought our publication to a new level of visibility.  They also took the time to ensure that we understood what they were doing and how we can track results going forward. "

    Getting Smart Team
    Getting Smart Team Getting Smart
  • "Maintaining top rankings for every keyword in our field is imperative to our brand recognition and to our goals of filling QB camps and reaching the best young arms.  TLD Agency has rolled out cross channel strategies, SEO optimization and ongoing direction that have helped us increase traffic into new areas and serve our audience better then ever before."

    Steve Clarkson
    Steve Clarkson Steve Clarkson Dreammaker
  • "It is hard to compete with the huge budgets that exist in our industry while maintaining a low risk SEO strategy. That is exactly what we have gotten working with TLD Agency.  We saw over 4x annual growth in organic and resulting sales and couldn't recommend Kevin and the staff highly enough. Their services don't stop at marketing as they have become an integral part of our ability to manage our ecommerce and keep our business moving forward. Thanks TLD Agency!"

    Dana E. Shoched
    Dana E. Shoched O2VAPE
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