Digital Marketing Training

Google is the gateway to about 115 billion searches each month. All businesses want to be in on that action because approximately 93 percent of all activity online begins when people type in keywords on a search engine. Knowing how the handle digital marketing is essential to grow a business. Our digital marketing training can help businesses and marketing teams understand it and use it effectively.

Digital Marketing Training In San Diego

  • Analytics Training

    Learn how to analyze such aspects as bounce rate, page views per visit, unique visitors, leads and sales from a website. Additionally, data from email, social media and public relations campaigns online are also targets for evaluation. The team at TLD Agency can get your analytics dialed in and then provide your team with the knowledge needs to make informed decisions from the data.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Which keywords the website of a business uses and how it uses them affect its page ranking. Of course, businesses want to be on one of the first pages presented to any visitor. This course trains students in how to select and choose keywords effectively for good page rankings and good traffic. We can also help set up an internal process that allows your team to make the right decisions and get results.

  • Paid Search

    Also known as pay-per-click, this is an advantageous way to spend advertising dollars because a business can get a first page of ranking and be seen by people targeting a particular type of business. By providing an initial assessment of an account and helping your team to bring management in house you can scale without ongoing management of an agency.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Knowing how to reach people on social media is vital to the success of your business and one mistake can live online forever. We can help you setup a system that results in efficient management through the use of the right tools, strategies and organizational elements. This applies to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and more.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training

Improved Team Knowledge

Businesses are only as good as the combined knowledge of their employees and the digital world can be a dark, confusing place.  Investing in digital marketing training for your team will increase the overall knowledge and lead to more productive campaigns.  This will also allow employees to feel more confident in their skills.

Better Decision Making

Digital marketing training will enable your team to make better decisions that will not only save money, but also save time.  There will be less time spent researching answers and more time spent executing.  The result will be a stronger campaign with better SEO, content marketing, and social media results.

Increased Output

With more time to execute from digital marketing training and less time learning, your team will be able to operate more efficiently and increase their output.  Whether producing goods, selling products, or providing general services this elevated output will directly impact your bottom line.   When the knowledge is retained, this will output will remain for years to come.

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