Display Advertising Management

The first step in building an effective display advertising campaign is to start with in-depth research. This will ensure we are capitalizing on the right opportunities by receiving ad impressions that are most relevant to our target audience. Once we know what channels are delivering the best ROI, we will expand into new channels the broaden the reach of your display campaign.

Display Advertising Managmenet Services in San Diego

  • Google Ad Network

    Powered by the use of Google Adsense by webmasters and Youtube impressions, this is the most popular place to start a display advertising campaign. The choice is due to it’s wide reach, variety of site niches, ease of targeting and the many options for ad design. Static desktop ads may be any of 10 different design sizes from a small 200 x 200 tile to large 300 x 600 half page ad. Mobile advertisers may choose from 5 different ad sizes and can specify whether they would like to run on only mobile or on all devices.

  • Premium Ad Networks

    There a many premium display ad networks to choose from. These networks secure deals with large publishers that may not be available in the Google Double Click network and guarantee publishers minimum impressions from advertisers. That said the premium networks may not alway provide the highest ROI for the advertiser. Many also require a minimum amount of traffic, budget or impressions to launch a campaign. On the other hand you can find industry specific networks as well. These may provide a good return on your budget.

  • Social Display Ad Management

    Much like other types of Display Advertising, Social Media Display advertising requires market and audience research, interest selection, sales funnel setup, design and proper execution. The differences are the ability to target dependent on the user’s interests, life events, social groups and demographics where other channels for display advertising are largely based on website topic. We look at social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter which all benefit from an additional content marketing strategy to tie into the website visit.

  • Second Tier Display Networks

    Just because a network isn’t king of the hill doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked. In fact for the right businesses and the right offer, second tier networks can provide an amazing ROI. Some of the barriers to entry that exist with Premium networks exist with second tier networks. Namely, minimum budgets to get started. You can expect a bit of a lower conversion rate, and your brand might not always appear on the most savory of sites. However, the impressions are often much less expensive and they can have a great impact on the bottom line for your business.

How We Approach Display Advertising Campaigns


We need to know how your brand speaks to their audience and what is going to result in great ROI.  This is of high importance due to each brands unique place in the market and what leads to engagement.

Ad Space

Where does your audience consume content and spend time online?  Our targeting can vary by channel, interest, niche and type of media. Finding the right mix of channels is important to meet your brands goal.


An honest discussion of the client budget is important in order to provide the right recommendations.  TLD Agency offers flexible pricing for different budget level and these provide incentive for performance.


If your company is targeting certain channels, having current customer lists or lists of sites that you specifically want to be featured on can help give our team additional direction as well as a head start to increase awareness, conversions, purchase frequency or public opinion.


Our initial conversation should always include a discussion of expectations for both client and agency.  We want to make sure that we are providing exactly what your brand needs and that we are provided with the necessities to drive results.

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